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A coworker and I were talking about going to see "No Reservations" today, but unfortunately the only showing today was at 10:30pm. No thanks. I instead suggested "Stardust," based on jccohen's recommendation, and we went to see that this afternoon. Great movie!

Grilled Salmon & PeasI felt like cooking something for dinner, so I defrosted some salmon I had in the freezer. Thanks to Judy for the suggestion to marinate with rosemary and lemon juice before grilling. Came out great!

Also spent some time this afternoon cleaning up fallen branches from the front yard. There are lots of big branches in the back yard that I'll still need to deal with. No doubt all from the strong storm the other night. Some evening this week, I'll need to do some mowing.

Relaxing with a beer and some TiVo contents.

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