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Many of you probably already know I'm a breakfast person! No, I don't eat mammoth breakfasts every day, but I love to have a good, hot breakfast once in a while... especially one that my parents (healthy eaters to a fault) would find appalling.

This morning's CIT Town Meeting (a bimonthly gathering of all Cornell Information Technologies staff) had "Brunch" on the agenda that was distributed, so I was curious what they'd be feeding us. They used to always have coffee and juice and bagels and danish for morning meetings, or coffee and iced tea and fruit and cookies at afternoon meetings, but got out of that habit a year or so ago due to concerns about the expense.

Well, this morning I arrived roughly on time for the 10:30 meeting (I usually work more along the lines of 10-6 than 9-5, so didn't bother going to work before the meeting today) to find a long line snaking out of the large room in the Biotech building where we usually have these big meetings. (We don't have any rooms of our own that hold 250.)

The division directors were wearing crepe paper crowns, and passing out party favors of the variety that snap when you pull them apart, then have a little prize inside. There was also a crepe paper crown in there for each of us.

So we played with our prizes while waiting on the line to get into the room and get our food. We kept hearing word from the folks who'd made it inside that there was quite a spread, but I was still not prepared for what greeted us.

It was a very elegant breakfast buffet, with real silverware rolled in red cloth napkins. Huge mounds of cut fresh fruit, danish and other pastries, and bagels with packets of cream cheese, jelly, and marmalade. Then came the hot food.

There were huge steam trays with fresh sausage, potatoes, and scrambled eggs with melted cheese on top and throughout. It was all actually hot, to my delighted surprise. They also had coffee, tea, and various kinds of juice.

As the line died down, one of the directors shouted that we should go get more food, because there was plenty. (They were getting worried about having way too much left over.)

The meeting itself didn't begin until 11:15. It took nearly that long to get everyone through the food line even once, with a bunch of people getting a second load (me included).

Todd grabbed a cup to take some starfruit with him as we left. He commented that he loves the stuff, but it's hugely expensive at the store. I have a couple of bagels, but I don't expect to be all that hungry for a while yet...

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