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Purity Ice CreamThe grand opening party at the [info]Queen of Tarts Cafe was lots of fun yesterday! People started trickling by a few minutes to four, once the ice cream was set up out on the patio, and then the next four hours were spent with varying degrees of crowd. Lots of families with babies or little kids, lots of students, even a few dogs.

The free Purity ice cream was a good angle to use on the radio, since it was so hot out for most of the afternoon, but the hot flatbreads fresh out of the wood-fired oven were a big hit as well. I think they're going to do well selling those... Wednesdays through Fridays, lunch and dinner!

Thanks to those who stopped by and said hi. It was especially a treat to see Scott and Laurie and Emma, who I don't think I'd seen since early June.

I was still around helping clean things up when the massive storm rolled in from the west, and Leslie yelled at everyone to get inside now, so we did. Moments later, we were treated to an amazing light show and a torrential downpour that turned Maple Ave into a river. We all hung out in the cafe until it had passed by, and I stuck around a little while longer, helping carry wet stuff inside, since I could see there was still storm over my hill.

The storm's pass left the air deliciously cool, so I was able to use the attic fan to knock the temperature in the house down ten degrees pretty quickly. I've got it on again now to bring more cool air in. Today shouldn't be too bad at all, even after it gets sunnier later.

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