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Where are we now?

Two years ago this morning, after days of "Won't hit us," "Can't harm us," "Won't be a big deal," and similar dismissals, Katrina slammed into the beautiful City of New Orleans and wrought the unfathomable devastation that NOAA researchers had been trying to explain. A meteorologist friend had gone from predicting a clean miss to apologizing on-air and warning his viewers to take it seriously.

Many of our friends and family have returned, to New Orleans and to the other affected Gulf Coast regions, and many have managed to rebuild their lives, but it was despite, and not thanks to, the inadequate planning, management, and support of our Federal government. I went back to visit last spring, less than a year later, and I saw that the spirit and determination of New Orleans and its inhabitants are what drive this continuing rebirth. It's not over yet. Will it ever be?

Meantime, another storm is coming. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next month, but it's coming. Are we better prepared for this one? I doubt it.

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