Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The wrong size...

I finally put the linens I bought when Ames was going out of business onto my bed. Everything fits great except for the comforter, which even though it says "queen" on the label, isn't nearly wide enough. I suspect it's a full, mislabeled. It doesn't go far enough off the side of the bed to drape; it just sort of sticks out. The top sheet sticks out at least a foot farther on each side. Blah.

I would probably have put them on the bed a lot earlier if I hadn't wanted to wash the sheets and pillow-cases first. (Nope, didn't wash the comforter, so I know I didn't shrink it in the dryer or anything like that.) They've been sitting in my washed-laundry basket for... well, probably months, thanks partly to all that travel in December and January.

Guess I'll try sleeping in it tonight and see how bad it is. I'd worry more if there were usually anyone to fight with for the covers...

Worse comes to worst, I can just go buy a queen-size comforter that'll roughly match. There's no Ames to get my money back from any more.

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