Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Dance dance

At the radio station filling in as studio engineer for our Friday night "Ultimate Dance Party" show, broadcast live from Pancho Villa in Ithaca's west end. Just pushing buttons, and you wouldn't get to hear me at all, or I'd suggest you could listen in. :-)

Between work and this, I enjoyed "La Vie en Rose" (released in France as "La Môme") with fabunobo and drdjmike at Fall Creek Pictures. It's mostly in French, a biopic about chanteuse Edith Piaf. Some odd translation choices for the subtitles, but in general a good film, and an amazing performance by Marion Cotillard spanning most of the performer's life and portraying both youth and encroaching age believably.

Here until midnight, then homeward, hoping it's cooled off a bit outside. Ellis Hollow Fair and Ithaca Brewfest tomorrow. No plans Sunday! Woohoo!

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