Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Good goalie, bad goalie, Janet Reno!"

Thursday, I was sitting at work when Joy, my officemate, turned from her phone call and asked if I had a spare ticket for Friday night's hockey game, Cornell vs Dartmouth. I actually did at that point; I was about to start looking that afternoon for someone who wanted it. So, I asked her who it was for, since I know she has tickets.

Joy's boyfriend Kevin works at University Photography, and had just taken a portrait shot of Janet Reno, the former Attorney General, who's a "faculty member at large" at Cornell for a year or two, in the same program that John Cleese is or was in. The topic somehow turned to hockey, and she expressed an interest in seeing some games. Kevin said he'd find out from Joy if she knew anyone with spare tickets.

So, I told her, yes, I had a ticket, and she told Kevin. Janet Reno's assistant called me a little while later to ask if she could buy it from me. I decided not to go into how I never ask people for money for the tickets. I'd just be happy to have her join me.

Turned out she had a conflict, a faculty dinner at Daño's on Cayuga on Friday at 6:30 that would last well past where it made sense for her to get to the game late. (It started at 7.) The assistant thanked me, and said it was good that she'd also found a ticket for Saturday night's game.

She was indeed at the game last night, and I took a moment to introduce myself as the guy whose ticket she'd have used Friday night. She said she wished she'd made it. The dinner atDaño's was nice, but the hockey game had been fantastic! She seemed very friendly and warm, and I'm glad I went over to say hi rather than being too nervous to approach her.

She really made quite an impression on the crowd of students, who came up with some creative cheers to welcome her. There's usually a "Good goalie, bad goalie!" cheer in Lynah to psyche out the opposing goalie (pointing first at our goalie, then theirs), and last night's variant late in the game was "Good goalie, bad goalie, Janet Reno!"

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