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It's OK not to drink...

It's OK not to drink...There were a lot of designated drivers and other non-drinkers who took advantage of the $10 admission to yesterday's great Ithaca Brewfest, so they could enjoy the crowd and the live music and the food, and of course the Ithaca root beer and ginger beer that Stephanie and I were offering all afternoon. DDs got drink tickets to use for sodas or water instead of beer, and we also sold lots for cash. I think this was a really good idea on Ithaca Beer's part, as it introduced a lot of people to these awesome sodas (made with cane sugar, not corn syrup) who'd never been exposed to them before.

Of course, this guy wasn't one of the non-drinkers. I thought that was amusing. :-)

While I spent most of my five or so hours at Stewart Park serving soft drinks, I did get to walk around a bit and try several beers. Brian bought my already-paid-for ticket to the event, but as volunteers we were allowed to do some sampling, too. (We had to put in at least two hours of work.) I had fun chatting with a few of the brewery folks, including one of the brewers from Ellicottville and the east coast rep from Anchor. Even ended up taking over for Kara and pouring Anchor for a few minutes, until the keg kicked. I suggested to the rep that we could pour samples from the two six-packs of bottles she had there, but they were warm, so I offered to take them back to our table and put them in ice for a bit. When I brought them back, she was gone, so I called her cell (she'd given me her card) and offered to find a good home for them. She thought that was a fine idea.

I think my favourite beer was the Scotch Ale from Rohrbach, from Rochester. And I just noticed Sackett's Harbor was there and I missed them! Ah well. Steph split her "jollyburger" (a delicious veggieburger) with me, and it just occurred to me to wonder if I was supposed to get a $7 food ticket as a volunteer, too. I certainly didn't go hungry.

There were definitely a lot of people there who shouldn't be driving home, and the organizers were doing a good job of pushing taxis. I hope IPD didn't ticket or tow any of the cars that got left there overnight by people who decided they shouldn't drive!

The afterparty at Pixel and the Chapter House was fun, including the bachelorette party that showed up at Pixel for a while with a "scavenger hunt" checklist for the bride to accomplish before they hopped back in the limo. I know the bride got a kiss from the first guy who talked to her, and danced with a bald guy. Wonder if she got anyone's boxers.

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