Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

BFG tonight

As I usually am when I make it to the show, I'm really glad I went to tonight's Bound for Glory. Ellis Paul is one of the absolute cream of the crop, high on the "A list" of performers we manage to attract to this little non-paying gig that WVBR has now been putting on 33 Sunday nights a year for forty years this month.

Ellis Paul and GuestsIt was also a treat to have Annie and Marie of The Burns Sisters join Ellis on stage for a song. Annie came back up for the last song of the show, a great cover of "Let it Be." They were certainly well received by the crowd (even though Jeannie wasn't with them) and I have a feeling they'd do really well if they did a BFG of their own. Annie grabbed me after the show and suggested going to their "SideBurns" gig at the Lost Dog this Tuesday from 7-10. Figured I should spread the word.

Saw Alan and Tammy there. I thought I saw Joseph's car outside, but either I was mistaken, or he was elsewhere nearby, because I didn't see him at the show. Phil also really made me scratch my head by pointing out someone in the audience and saying, "That's someone you know, right?" Turned out it was someone he knew, he was trying to figure out why, and he hoped I could help. Once he figured out who it was, I could confirm that, no, I'd never heard of her. This made me feel better about not recognizing her. :-)

Garnet Rogers next Sunday night is also high on that "A list." It'll be crowded, but worth cramming in. I've also been invited to a block party Sunday evening, but will try to get to some of the show.

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