Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Mmm, leftovers...

Moroccan chickenI guess I did a decent job on last night's Moroccan chicken. One of my coworkers on the other side of the room did the cubicle gopher thing and asked "Whose food am I smelling?" He says he loves Moroccan food, and wondered where the great aroma was coming from. I added a little water before microwaving, since it got a bit dry over the course of the evening.

In addition to one serving of this (over kasha), I have three servings of pot roast left (again over kasha, though the third is pretty potato-heavy). Also filled a large container with the rest of the kasha and bowties and added the rest of the gravy from the pot roast. That'll make a good side dish for something... for a group. :-) Might have to freeze it.

John offered me an apple; he just picked up a bag at the Orchards. I think I even have some local honey at work!

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