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I am Joost-enabled!

And we're watching the free pilot preview download of "The Bionic Woman" from Amazon Unbox. (The Canadian friend kind of Joost, not the online video kind.) I'll probably write more about "The Bionic Woman" in mark_tv at some point. (First impression: this show has all kinds of actors in it I've loved in past shows! Including "Third Watch," "Crossing Jordan," and "Battlestar Galactica.")

Since I have a good stock of Molson Brador at the moment, Joost offered to pick up something else at the duty-free shop on the way through the border, and I suggested an interesting cask strength scotch. He picked out something great! It's a Glengoyne 12-year cask strength that we're enjoying sipping a bit of while we watch TV. It seems to go well with tortilla chips and southwestern ranch dip.

Joost's like a kid at Christmas... he's opening the packages he's been sending to himself at my address from Woot, since they won't ship to him in Ontario. In the morning, we're off to Maryland.
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