Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

After five hours, they shut off the microphones...

Technically, since the show started almost 20 minutes after the 7pm start time, it wasn't quite five hours in, but yes, at a few minutes to midnight, when Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes were ignoring the increasingly fervent "wrap it up" instructions from backstage, someone turned off the audience mikes, so the last couple of people in line who got to talk were on their own. Can't imagine it would've been much longer before the stage mikes got turned off, too. :-)

Just as happened six years ago, people started to wander off after about three hours, and by the time they wrapped up, the house was probably only about 1/3 full. Eric had given up, so I headed home for my five-hour-late breaking of the fast. 29 hours is probably the longest I've ever gone with no food or water.

Having Mewes there was a nice surprise. He'd been at a couple of the colleges on the first tour, but not at Cornell. (I think K.S. called him from a cell phone on stage that time.)

I got the CUPB reminder e-mail late last night, which was the first I'd heard of the "no food, no drinks, no cameras" policies. Poor advance planning on their part! So I quickly fired off an e-mail asking for a press pass so I could take pictures. No problem. They even gave me a ticket for a corner seat right on the aisle in orchestra left, but I decided to sit next to Eric in the seat I'd paid for. Plenty close enough with my 200mm lens. They even apparently had "light snacks" downstairs for those fasting until sundown, but since they waited 15 minutes past sundown to say so, right as they were introducing Kevin Smith, I didn't have a chance to take advantage of these. Again, suboptimal planning. Ah well. I survived.

Off to bed, and off to Rochester for lunch with friends in the morning!

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