Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Good lunch

Pastrami & SwissThis pastrami and swiss "half sub" from the supermarket deli, purchased yesterday, was totally worth the $6.79 she ended up charging me. I ate half for lunch yesterday, and half today after the early bowl of pumpkin-ginger soup with coconut milk from across the street. Custom-made half subs are $5.29 (there are usually some premade ones in the cooler for $4.99) and she told me pastrami would be an extra buck, and cole slaw would be an extra buck. She weighed out a half-pound of pastrami as she sliced it, and I guess weighed a container of cole slaw and decided it wasn't worth a buck.

Annoyingly, the file I'm trying to download is going to take another two hours to finish getting here, at about 650K/sec, beyond when I hoped to be out of here.

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