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Spending the morning in China

John and I started the day watching the FIFA women's world cup semifinal game between the US and Brasil, and Shannon Boxx, one of the US players, was put out of the game shortly before the half on a second yellow card, when the repeated replays clearly show that the Brasilian player was at fault when they both went down. How interesting that the Brasilian players are all known by just one name -- mostly, as far as I can tell, their given name. (Because of Pele?)

We had a good time downtown last night. After John arrived and wound down from the long motorcycle ride, we popped down to the [info]Ithaca Ale House and had burgers and beer. I really like the new "garbage burger" special! It caught my eye because of the Rochester garbage plate tradition, and seemed like a good homage. The burger was mushed up and piled with onion rings and fries on a sub roll instead of a plate. We then took a walk around the Commons, and it occurred to me as we walked back to the parking garage to point out [info]Kilpatrick's Publick House, our "Irish" pub. So, we popped in there for another pint.

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