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I spent this evening at Ithaca College seeing "Hedda Gabler." They did a fantastic job, and other than a couple of girls sitting in a corner trying really hard not to laugh for a good chunk of the second act, they seemed to have the audience in their grasp.

I don't think I'd ever been in the Clark Theatre before; it's a neat black-box-ish square with the stage in the center and seats rising steeply on each side. I had a great seat in the second row just a few feet from one side of the stage. The steep seating meant it was easy to see over the people in front. I was intrigued by their use of actual smoking. Anyone who really can't stand cigarette smoke probably shouldn't go to this play.

A bit frustrating that even though I'd made arrangements to get a press pass and specifically mentioned taking pictures, the folks on hand when I picked up my press pass asked me not to take pictures. Considering how close I was, I think it could actually have been a distraction to the cast, so I don't disagree with their decision, I just wish I'd been told "no" in advance! They gave me a CD with a few promotional photos, but I don't think they're really suitable for the review I have in mind.

I had a light dinner before the show, and vaguely considered going for more serious food after the show, but I decided to show restraint. Just had an apple. Still hungry. I need some cheese. (I want a cheesesteak. I'll resist.)

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