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Stretch minivan

StretchYou know, I was all set to dismiss the idea of a stretch minivan as silly, but thinking about it, I have to admit I don't find regular stretch sedans to be comfortable for a group to get into. You can fit several people in them, but after the first couple of occupants, they're a pain to climb in and out of.

This seems like a good alternative to the more common recent atrocity that is the stretch SUV if you have a group going on a winery tour.

Good late breakfast and/or early lunch at the Grist Mill Cafe, then a quick visit to Standing Stone Winery en route to Watkins Glen. We visited Dan and Marie and the kids, arriving just before the rain, then Missy made Tim's weekend at Comics for Collectors. :-) Lastly, burgers and fried Oreos and a stroll around the Commons, hitting the first several planets on the Sagan Memorial Planet Walk.

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