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Guess I'm on a breakfast kick!

Mmmm, melty...As I usually do when I'm doing a morning radio shift, I treated myself to a proper breakfast on the way to the office afterward. (Thought better of the initial BK Enormous Omelet Sandwich impulse.) The girl behind the counter at CTB was improbably chipper, and talking a mile a minute... far too fast for me even though I'd been up since 5:45 and had had some coffee at the station. I can only imagine her effect on the people coming in around 9 who've just gotten up and haven't had any coffee yet! The guy working with her was moving much more slowly.

This reminds me that I meant to post on Friday afternoon (before it got so weird) about the impressive sandwich girl at CTB when I went to get lunch. She was asking each person what they wanted, three or four customers ahead of when she was ready for them, slicing the bagels, nuking stuff that needed heating, assembling everything, and handing the finished product to the right person several minutes later. Her juggling talents were most impressive, and as far as I can tell, she was keeping it all in her head rather than writing any of it down, as most of them do.

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