Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Why do people drink coffee?

I decided to take a walk (boy, is it muggy out) and popped into the Queen of Tarts on the way back to see if there was anything irresistible. I managed to resist it all, even though Paloma tried to get me to take pastries or a baguette for free; they throw most of it out at the end of the day.

But I was amused that there was a student in there asking questions for a consumer marketing class in the business school about people's coffee habits. Why do people drink coffee? Do regulars get the same thing every time? She was mostly there to talk to the staff (and Paloma's new enough that she wasn't confident about patterns yet) but she asked me a few questions, too.

I told her I drink coffee because it's yummy! I actually like the taste, unlike some of you who need to mask it with something else. :-) And I'm not very predictable, unlike some regulars; I don't order the same drink every time I go in. Sometimes it's a cup of freshly brewed Deep Disco, sometimes a cappuccino, sometimes something cold and creative.

Wasn't a long walk; the air is way too thick. The thunderstorms keep swinging north or south, but I'm hoping some of it will clear out the humidity and cool the air a bit.

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