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That's a strange place to keep your puppies...

Guard dogs?On a whim this morning, I grabbed my Nikon before I headed out the door. On a whim, I took a different route than usual to get up to Snyder Hill Road. Thus, I got to see, and photograph, these dogs on a roof. Click to embiggen.

After providing moral support for yesterday's lunchtime CR-V test-drive, I went back after work to do my own test-driving. Tried out the 2008 Accord V6 EX and the 4-cylinder EX-L, both of which impressed me in design, feel, and driving. Unfortunately, Honda is building very few stick-shifts these days (it's not available at all on the CR-V), so Honda of Ithaca doesn't have any manual Accords. My lease doesn't end until April, and Jeff's going to call me when they get one in that I can try. There's a six-speed available on the V6 coupe, and a five-speed available on the 4-cylinder sedan. The 4-cyl ought to be plenty (though its automatic did a lot of gear-hunting on the hills) but I would love to have had the option of a six-speed V6 sedan. I like having back doors! I don't need them daily, but they're often enough useful that I would be disinclined to give them up. I also test-drove the new Civic, which they did have in the five-speed. Not bad at all, and probably bigger than my '92 Accord.

Jeff gave me a baguette to take home rather than throwing it out, when I stopped by to give them a new hours sign (they'll be closed Sundays for now), so after the test-driving, I stopped at the store for some brie. Dinner was baguette, brie, and apple.
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