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Bed & Breakfast

Age and Ben and I, who drove together to Providence and Cambridge for hockey this weekend, stayed at John and Micaela's house in Meriden, CT (near New Haven) last night. Micaela's buttermilk pancakes are a wonderful morning-after hockey weekend tradition. :-)

It's an awesome 1927 house with hardwood floors everywhere. The dining room floor isn't just all one direction, but a "picture frame" pattern, with rectangle inside rectangle. I think the only thing Micaela's unhappy about is the tiny kitchen alcove with the sink and stove and oven, which really isn't big enough for two people at once. They vaguely want to turn that into a bathroom, and move the utility stuff out into the big kitchen room, but it might be a while before they can afford any renovations that significant. I think their next major renovation will be replacing the driveway. (The one that I know of that they did so far was a really nice-looking brick patio behind the house.)

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