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I should have slept later...

...but my brother moving around and showering an hour ago woke me up enough that more sleep wasn't going to happen.

Heh... there goes my clock radio. Time to get up anyway. Meeting friends from out of town for brunch at Q at 11:30, then I'm going to at least stop by Hai Hong briefly to wish kenshardik a happy birthday.

Eating more this afternoon is a bad idea; there's an early (5pm) dinner at my fraternity, which is having an alumni event this weekend. The dinner's followed by the Cornell hockey game, and then the KDR pledge-alumni hockey game.

In between Hai Hong and KDR dinner, I'll be migrating my company's mail and web server to a new machine in a new location. This should really have happened months ago, but I've dragged my feet. Not sure why it took so much effort to get this to happen.

Hockey tonight means Cornell's senior-night game... the last home game of the season. Cornell clinched the ECAC regular season conference championship last night thanks to a tie with St. Lawrence. (Eh.) Tonight is Clarkson, one of the toughest opponents we face. Happily, Cornell tends to play up to the level of its opponent.

After that is the annual midnight KDR hockey game, in which the pledges and alumni team up against the active brothers. I'll probably be up until 4am or so. :-)
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