Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Cold and warm

It's cool and rainy outside; I can definitely imagine having to turn on the heat at home before long. But it's very warm in the basement conference room on campus I had to walk to for this morning's 9am meeting.

The Master at workSomeone I've known in the IT security field for many years, and who found me on Facebook just a few weeks ago, is in Ithaca this week! I have no idea why, but I dropped him a note and I'm hoping to get together with him for a beverage tonight or tomorrow before he flies back to Purdue.

After having a gorgy with Michelle and Dennis at [info]Willow last night, I ended up in the kitchen for almost two hours, watching and taking new pictures for their web site. The frenetic, complex ballet of a working restaurant kitchen never ceases to amaze me. I also got to taste the bison ribs Sean's planning as a special for tonight. :-)

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