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One more night

I should be able to get away with not turning on the heat before I go to bed tonight; it's still 50 outside, and it shouldn't drop more than another couple of degrees. The house was 66 when I got home, but has stayed there... so I think I'm safe leaving the heat off another night.

My washing machine successfully did a load, and then made a plaintive beeping noise when I started the second. The "LE" code on the display apparently means "overload in motor." Unplug and call for service. *sigh* At least I got the service contract!

Enjoyed the Thursday night medical dramas with Melissa, then for reasons I can't fathom, found myself whistling something from "Chess." So, I had to listen to it. Almost done. :-P Then, bed. Nothing scheduled tomorrow, so maybe I'll get some things done.

Some are vicious, some are fools
And others blind
To see in me one of their kind

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