Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Scary news from a friend

Robbie Busby, the five-year-old son of my friends Sandra and Greg, went to the doctor with a stomach ache two weeks ago, and was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma. He will be receiving a series of treatments at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse over the next 6 - 9 months. Greg, Sandra, their 3-year-old daughter, Kristi, and 3-month-old son, Paul, are now supporting Robbie through the beginning of a long and difficult course of chemotherapy.

If you'd like to keep up on Robbie's progress, there's a CaringBridge hosted web site at

If you'd like to help the family with expenses by making a tax-deductible donation, you can visit the Jonathan Cancer Fund at for info about this Central New York non-profit that supports families fighting cancer. If you donate, please make sure to specify it's for Robbie Busby.

Even if you've never met these folks, you may have heard about them... this is the nearby family I've been buying fresh, local lamb from for years. You may even have eaten some of it. :-) I'll be happy to pass along cards, gifts, donation checks, etc., as needed.

Little kids aren't supposed to get sick. If you can help Robbie and his family fight, please do.
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