Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Les Sampou, the scheduled performer for tonight's BFG, has had to cancel because of back problems. She muddled through her performance in Albany last night, but got in the car to drive to Ithaca and just couldn't.

So, Phil (the show's host) and Carrie Shore will be performing tonight; they've performed around town and beyond several times lately, and are quite good. Phil likes to say he's no longer good enough for his own show, but I think he does a fine job. It's just that they are not going to be anything like the bluesy stuff Les was going to play.

This means I'm the host of the show for tonight. I usually host once or twice a year when Phil is on vacation, but only album shows in the studio with no audience. This last-minute shuffle has happened once before, and everything went OK.

Of course, tonight I also was supposed to be sitting at the Friends of Bound for Glory table, but Ken has graciously agreed to help with that. The person who was supposed to be helping me has decided she's not in the mood to come, even though she's now especially needed. Ah well.

P.S. Everyone come to the show tonight, 8-11 at the Cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall. Phil and Carrie could use the extra audience.

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