Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

This is hockey?

Topher making it look easyIt's probably been a while since Cornell last started a season 0-2. I'm not sure I want to look up that stat. Bad enough that I know this is the first time since 1994 that we've lost to Princeton at home. Yay. There were some highlights, though, like this goal, when Topher Scott stole a Princeton pass and calmly skated it to the net and popped it past the goalie, to tie the game at 1.

Cornell was behind 1-0, then tied it, then was behind 2-1, then tied it, and unfortunately when Princeton scored their third with just a few minutes left in the game, they couldn't do it again. The end of the game was very ugly, with a face-off in the Princeton zone that ended with a Princeton game literally leaping on the puck and letting time expire. The ref should have called a delay of game penalty, and put a little time back on the board, not that Cornell could really have scored in two-thirds of a second.

Last Saturday's loss to RIT and last night's loss to Princeton featured our two starting goalies, Ben Scrivens and Troy Davenport, respectively. Honestly, Troy didn't look too bad last night, but he made some serious gaffes, and of course almost, but not quite, enough saves. (At least he didn't duck.) Do we get the third goalie tonight against Quinnipiac? After dropping a pair of first-round playoff games to Quinnipiac, at home, last March, we certainly can't take them for granted as we would have a few years ago.

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