Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Wow, almost productive!

For a lazy Sunday, I actually made myself useful today. I did a fair amount of work on a long-overdue design update and info clean-up for 14850 Dining. The site badly needed a better main page (here's the old one) and because the listings pages were all based on an old backup database, there were lots of long-deleted restaurants resurrected from the dead. (How appropriate, then, to send them back to oblivion right after Dia dos Mortos.) I've even added a few of the newer restaurants that were missing.

There are still some sub-pages I haven't gotten to, so they've got the old style and some old listings, but I should be able to catch up on the rest of those over the next few days. If you spot a restaurant listing that needs deleting after next weekend, please point it out. :-)

And, of course, as befits a lazy Sunday... I watched a lot of TV. And followed a good dinner suggestion.


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