Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


I suppose I should get back in the habit of wearing long-sleeve shirts in the winter, since I'm sitting in a corner with no heat unless I turn the space heater on. My cube is at about 68 degrees right now, which is fine, but I'm sure it will get chillier. Or, I could keep a fleece here and just have to remember to take it off when I go home. I really tend to wear short-sleeved shirts all year, but I recognize this is not always suitable behaviour. :-) (Also, I tend to avoid the need for winter-weight socks by wearing no socks from April to October.)

It wasn't the first gropple of the year for me, but I did have some little ice balls whapping my windshield on the way down the hill a few hours ago.

Speaking of down the hill, good cream of mushroom soup and tullyburger at the [info]Lincoln Street Diner for lunch. No milkshake. Tragic.
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