Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Let's go Pats!

Normally I'm a Bills fan foremost, and a Patriots fan when they're not playing the Bills. But tonight, I discovered that Robbie is a Pats fan! He's rooting for the Pats to win tonight, so I am, too!

I was out at their house a little while ago picking up this fall's supply of lamb (as well as some beef) and got to chat with him about the recent hockey games, too. He's got loads of energy, though Sandra says he'll get pretty tired, too. I hope he manages to stay awake for a Patriots win. :-)

Also left the house this afternoon to pick up my new, free TiVo HD, which arrived at work on Friday while I was en route to Boston. It's set up, but not connected to a TV signal yet. I need to get cable activated. *sigh*

Faint headache. Lack of caffeine? Maybe I'll fire up the Senseo.

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