Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Ode to a Cheese Shop

Sadly, the awesome cheese shop in my parents' town wasn't selling enough cheese (despite the best efforts of my parents and my cousin Rob to keep it afloat by buying like crazy) and was going out of business. They were supposed to have a 30% off sale today and tomorrow, but when my parents and I stopped by there after lunch, it was locked up and looked like all the cheese was gone. There was just some non-perishable stuff in the window, and all the rest of the merchandise seemed to be gone.

NYC SkylineAfter lunch, I walked back to my parents' house instead of driving, and took the scenic route... snapping a bunch of pictures along the way. (I know this will shock you.) I walked down through "downtown" Dobbs Ferry, past Our Lady of Pompeii (perhaps the one church in Dobbs Ferry I was never in) and Memorial Park, and checked out the newly remodeled train station.

I really wish I had my Nikon with me, since the weather was crystal clear, and I'd have gotten a much better shot of the New York skyline than this with a decent lens. Most of the rest of the pics are OK.

Chilly and windy, but nice and sunny, so it was decent walking weather. The leaves are mostly still on the trees here, whereas they're mostly not in Ithaca, so I got a few more fall foliage pics when I thought the season for them was past.

Also took the opportunity to get my train tickets for tonight and tomorrow night when I didn't have to rush while figuring out the new-fangled vending machines. :-)

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