Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Finally got to the diner!

Meatloaf Sandwich SpecialOne of the advantages of driving back to Ithaca from my long weekend on Monday was the chance to stop at the Country Folks Diner in Richford for lunch. What a cool place! It's clean and cozy and friendly.

I was there with five hunters in two groups (taking a break from a rainy day), and while I was eating, a woman came in and sat down as her soup was set on the table. Apparently whenever she comes in, she wants soup and water. She doesn't care what the day's soup is; she wants it, and she knows she'll love it.

I got the lunch special, a hot meatloaf sandwich, with mashed potatoes and gravy. Side of cranberry salad. All delicious! The water wasn't very tasty, but otherwise I was very pleased with the visit. I'll be back.

Tonight's dinner was going to be leftovers, until I got a text message in the middle of my 6pm meeting that simply said, "Sushi?" You betcha! That was a much better dinner. :-)

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