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What great news!

I often grumble about poor officiating at hockey games, in one team's favour or the other's, or sometimes affecting both. It's very rare that anything comes of it; once in a long while, a particular ref will no longer be scheduled for a particular school's games.

One of the worst recent examples of poor officiating was at the Dartmouth game two weekends ago, when a brief fight broke out at the very end of the game. It was clear to anyone watching that the two Cornell players who were involved didn't do anything wrong; they were mostly standing there. Nevertheless, the referee issued penalties at the 20:00 mark of the third period, including game disqualifications for two Dartmouth players and two Cornell players. Coach Schafer had gone up to the ref and asked him to look at the video before deciding whether to issue DQs, but Hansen was sure, and went ahead and issued them.

The game DQs meant those two players couldn't play in last weekend's game at Madison Square Garden, easily one of the most important events of their college career.

But the video was crystal clear. Reviewed after the fact, it showed that the Cornell players really had done nothing wrong, and shouldn't have been given DQs. Unfortunately, the rule is that you can add harsher punishment after the fact, but you can't take it away; there's no appeal.

One of the people who reviewed the video was the league's supervisor of officials. He then fired the ref.

Tonight... Cornell vs UMass for the last game of the fall. Cornell plays in the Florida College Classic at the end of December before returning to Lynah for a pair of games against Niagara the first weekend of January.

Let's Go Red!

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