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Snow day

Delivery ReportFun. This is a "delivery report" graphic from yesterday morning's school delay announcement. I sent the message at 7:08am, and by 7:11am, it had been delivered successfully to 98% of the 2,200 recipients' mailboxes. 1,934 recipients are at, 32 at, 22 at, 19 at, 15 at, and 212 at all other domains.

I'll get another graph and report like this one tomorrow morning for today's e-mail, which went out at 6:28.

Yup, that's my fourth day in a row of being woken up way too early. I will no doubt be useless for most of the rest of the day. Still no plow service arranged, but it doesn't look too bad to shovel myself. I'm hoping we don't get six more inches; that'd be pushing it.

(Cornell, of course, is open.)

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