Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Guess I'd been snoozing! I hadn't realized the end of my latest 90-day membership hold on Netflix was approaching, but I got an e-mail this morning welcoming me back. Luckily, I also got an e-mail saying my credit card on file with them had expired, so I needed to update my payment information before I'd get my movies.

Just extended the hold for another 90 days. I should probably cancel my membership, though leaving it on hold instead (as long as I remember to keep extending it) means it's easy to start up again if I ever decide to.

I just find that, most of the time, there's more than enough to watch on TV, and it takes me too long to get around to watching the DVDs. Most movies I want to see are going to come around on one of the channels I get, or at worst can be rented from Amazon Unbox.

Finally watched "National Treasure" last night, thanks to my TiVo recording it last week as a TiVo Suggestion from the Sci-Fi channel. The frequent commercial breaks really got on my nerves, so I will most likely stick to my general policy of not watching movies recorded on channels with commercials, except in an emergency. Anyway, now I can see the new movie.

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