Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Today's sign of the apocalypse...

My parents, who have subsisted solely on broadcast TV their whole lives except for a brief foray into cable in the early '80s, have just ordered installation of Verizon FiOS HDTV and a shiny new TiVo HD. (They've been using my ancient Series1 TiVo since I ignored their "No, we don't need a TiVo" and hooked it up for them.) The Verizon FiOS offer for phone, Internet, and TV was too good to pass up, I guess. (They already had FiOS Internet.)

Meantime, my eyes are still playing tricks on me. Kevin just walked by in a Hawaiian shirt that actually has islands with palm trees all over it, and at first glance I thought they were strips of bacon and fried eggs. Now I want a Hawaiian shirt with strips of bacon and fried eggs! Is there anywhere you can get custom Hawaiian shirts? :-)

(Heh. The answer is yes, but I don't need 150 of them!)

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