Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Photos from a long Saturday in France

After most of a week in Paris, we picked up our rental car (a fantastic Renault crossover that I wish I could buy in the US) and set out for the Norman countryside. Saturday was spent at three wonderful sightseeing sites, and also featured what must be the best lunch we had the whole trip... a simple and delicious meal at the Brasserie de l'Hotel de Ville in Les Andelys. I had a stunningly good seafood bisque, this outstanding charcuterie salad, and a glass of Leffe, a Dutch (but Belgian-style) beer.

This was a beautiful town on the Seine near where major conflicts between France and Britain took place many times. After lunch, we headed up into the nearby hills to visit Chateau Galliard. This castle was one of the key battlements built by Richard I to try to defend Normandy from the French king, and you can see the ruins in these pictures.

From there, we moved on to Evreux, visiting a great cathedral and museum, side by side.

And, we ended the day at an awesome inn, Manoir des Saules, pictured here at night. It's owned by a couple, one of whom is the chef and the other acts as host.
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