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Time for a new Palm?

My trusty Palm Vx handheld, which is approaching two years old, can no longer send or receive beams or sync to my laptop via infrared. It's not clear why; the infrared window isn't blocked with gunk or anything. :-)

I'm wondering if I should ignore this for a while, and keep using the Palm as is -- which isn't TOO catastrophic, since I don't need to beam THAT often. It's a minor issue for exchanging people's contact info; I can just write that down. But beaming programs back and forth is useful.

Or, should I get my handheld repaired? As far as I can tell from the Palm web site, repairs to the Vx cost $100 no matter what the repair is for. Could that be?

Or should I just buy a newer handheld and sell my old one for whatever I can get? I'm tempted by the wireless add-ons available for the newer Palms, and by the color screens that are now available.
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