Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

27 May - Breakfast

Steve would have appreciated the idea of walking into the dining room at Manoir des Saules, sitting down, and being served breakfast -- with no ordering taking place. Though it seemed by coming in at 8:30, the earliest we could eat breakfast, we missed out on the eggs; the kitchen staff were showing up around 9, and another table were served eggs.

We "made do" with several kinds of rolls and breads, sliced ham, wonderful raspberry preserves, and assorted items like a nut pot de creme and something that was either yogurt or fromage blanc, a cross between sour cream and cheese.

The lack of bathroom door seemed odd, but I figured there generally isn't someone sleeping in the adjacent small room. Now that the curtains are open, I've realized that there is a door... a pocket door that slides out of the wall. Ah well. I'll close it tomorrow morning. A little odder was the handheld shower with nowhere to mount it, and no shower curtain.

This morning was the first time my Birks seemed dry enough to put on, after Friday's drenching, but after breakfast I decided it was too cool for them, and put on socks and sneakers. I only have a couple more pair of clean socks with me! Hope I don't have to do that too much more.
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