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I've spent most of this afternoon, after a brief meeting, in Cornell's primary machine room, a huge server farm that contains hundreds of computers. Kinda alarming how many people are running production services on many-year-old Wintel boxes. But I guess considering what I run my own company's services on, it's not so surprising. :-)

It's loud in here. Between the air conditioning throughout the room, and the fans in hundreds of computers, you can barely hear the phone ring, and you have to shout if you want to be heard.

At least there's a great wireless connection in here. I've been able to keep on top of my mail, and just posted an article I've been working on about Arlo Guthrie to 14850 Today while waiting for 13 GB of video files to copy between the two streaming servers. (I just replaced the OS on one of the servers.)

Little point going back to the office at 5, even if I wasn't in at 9. (I rarely am anyway, but I start late Mondays after BFG.) Besides, I'm starving.

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