Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Tastes like bird...

I've been eating a lot of chicken lately! Between the roast chicken I made last week, the leftovers from it I've had a few times in different forms, the awesome chicken salad at the [info]Queen of Tarts, the chicken club quesadilla and chicken club burrito from [info]Moe's Southwest Grill, and the random leftover wings from office lunches this week, not to mention the also-poultry duck confit tartine on Wednesday, you'd think I'd be just about chickened out! So to speak.

Meantime, I had a fun conversation the other day with Paloma, the mostly-vegetarian barista across the street, about poultry. She really doesn't like it -- it "tastes like bird." She said most people don't understand what she means when she says that, but I do! Of course, it's a taste I enjoy. :-) She's tried most forms of bird that people consider food, and dislikes it all. She's really into seafood, though, and admits to occasionally eating meat when the mood strikes. The conversation also meandered into other things that people say "taste like chicken," such as alligator. Makes a lot more sense now that scientists have decided all modern birds and lizards and their relatives are descended from dinosaurs. (Mmmm, roast apatosaur.)

At the end of lunch at [info]Dijon Bistro the other day, having polished off French onion soup and a portobello mushroom tartine, very-vegetarian Aaron suddenly looked thoughtful and said, "That soup was made with beef stock, wasn't it?" Heh. Probably. We decided not to pursue the question.

And the bonus edited-in link courtesy of Mandy... Turducken on Steroids.
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