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Good afternoon with friends

An Afternoon with MaxNelson and Max joined me late morning, followed a little later by Alex's parents, and we relaxed at my place for a while, as well as going for a walk with Max (pictured), before enjoying a leisurely lunch at the [info]Ithaca Ale House. Nelson dropped me at CFCU at East Hill on his way to visit other friends, and I walked home from there. The early sunniness had given way to cloudy, so it was chillier than it could have been, but it wasn't a bad walk. Now listening to some of the Cornell vs UMass-Lowell hockey game before heading down to Claire's for dinner, followed by second viewing of "Sweeney Todd."

Glad to hear that Nelson and Theresa ignored my warning that "Golden Compass" was awful, and enjoyed it. I found it to be visually very impressive, but lacking in just about every other way.

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