Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Funny, I feel like I could use a shave...

Back from the 10:10 show of "Sweeney Todd," the point of which was James and me dragging Danielle to see it. She doesn't like musicals, and that hasn't changed, but she didn't seem to find it too bad. Theresa and Alix both liked it, and Alix reminded me of the great scene in "Jersey Girl" where the little girl does a bloody number from the stage musical. Guess I'll have to watch that movie again!

Second showing of "Sweeney" gave me a chance to pay a little more attention to the background, and enjoy such touches as Anthony Stewart Head's cameo. Still loved it, still think it works, still think it could have been a little longer.

I ate too much today... two big meals and one small one, which on top of yesterday's one big and one small, mean I will probably have gained weight again, despite the walks. Brunch tomorrow will be my big meal, and I'm going to try not to overdo it. I've mostly been under 200 (or a smidge over) for the last couple of weeks. My new year's resolution is to stay under 200. I realize this is non-trivial for me, but I think I can do it.

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