Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Downtown fire...

Bailey and I wandered to the other end of the Commons after sushi last night so I could snap a couple of pictures of the fire-damaged building at 102 West State Street (which contains Handwork and Ithaca Academy of Dance) before I drove her back up the hill.

102 West State Street 102 West State Street

I took a couple straight, and a couple in "night mode" (long exposure on the camera, right-hand image above), and I think each version has its advantages. None were perfectly steady shots, though I held the camera against a lamppost to minimize movement. These are the less-blurred of each type.

Of course, if I'd had the Nikon with me, I'd have crystal clear shots... one without flash, and one with, since the flash would have successfully lit up the building from across the street.

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