Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Fire hazard

Last night as my MacBook's battery drained and I went to plug it in, I realized the cord on my power adapter was very badly worn. The plastic sheath around the live wires is nearly completely severed near where the cord enters the white brick. I applied a little packing tape to insulate it, and immediately ordered a replacement adapter from Amazon, which should arrive tomorrow. (That takes care of about a quarter of my gift certificate balance.)

If the damage were a bit farther from the power brick, it would be a lot easier to repair the cord and use it as a spare, but I doubt it'll be easily repaired. I'll probably try anyway, and keep it at my desk at work, or next to the couch at home. If it always stays plugged in somewhere, there shouldn't be much wear on the cord to further damage it... and if I always use it in one of those two locations, it means the replacement adapter will get abused a lot less and get to sit in the laptop bag more.

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