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Rainy Cayuga Lake Rainy Cayuga Lake

The stunningly sunny, clear, if chilly weather on Saturday for the Downtown Ithaca Chili Cook-Off was followed by a rainy day on Sunday, up around freezing -- which made for some nasty, icy winery parking lots. I let myself be dragged along (you can imagine how tough that was) and had a very good time. I'm glad I got to hang out with Jessica's friend Gretchen, visiting for the weekend from Indiana. The photos were taken from the French doors at Goosewatch Winery. Click to embiggen.

We had a very good and mostly vegetarian dinner at [info]Just a Taste, and then went to see the Railers play at Korova. I've been trying unsuccessfully to remember the name of the short, long-haired, blonde waitress from Bistro Q (who also bartended at Micawber's) since running into her and Phil at Korova. Anyone remember? :-) They're working on buying a house. One of these days I need to get back to Castaways (Phil, who used to be a Q bartender, is now one of the owners there) and try their wings.

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