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Hotel breakfast

BreakfastDelicious creamy scrambled eggs, which weren't on the buffet this morning until I was done eating, but which I enjoyed yesterday. Lots of fresh and dried fruit, plenty of bread, croissants, etc., sliced ham and prosciutto, and grilled stuffed tomatoes.

Excellent dinner last night at the Bastide d'Odeon, recommended by the hotel concierge, whom my parents remembered from their visit two years ago. Nice casual dinner place that of course filled up first with American tourists, followed by a handful of locals eating early. Any other French people would have dined after we left around 8. :-)

Before dinner we walked through the Luxembourg Gardens, and a couple handed Jeff a camera and asked him to take pictures while the man pulled out a Cartier box and proposed to the woman. Awww. I got a few pictures, as well.

Parents' alarm clock didn't go off this morning, so after Jeff and I waited for breakfast downstairs for 15 minutes, we called and they were nowhere near ready. We've eaten, and waiting for them before we set out for today's sightseeing. Can't seem to get on AIM, but that's OK, at this hour there probably aren't many people around to chat with.

Open wireless...

Not surprised to find someone's open wireless network, reachable not from the room but from the elevator foyer on our floor. I don't mind paying $10 a day (even if I'd prefer free) but €22 a day is ludicrous! (That's about $30.)

I'm exhausted after just dozing for a couple of minutes on the plane (we landed in Paris at around 1am Ithaca time, which is around when I'd be going to sleep, so sleeping earlier was tough) and a couple of minutes through Jeff's snoring when we were taking a nap break before dinner.

After a delicious breakfast buffet in the hotel after we arrived, we spent the bulk of the day visiting the Eiffel Tower, an adventure on which more later. Lunch was a simple salami and cheese on baguette, and an Orange Fanta. I wonder if that's completely supplanted Orangina. Haven't seen any of that yet. Poo.

Off to some nearby gardens soon, followed by supper, after which I expect to sleep extremely well. I found the earplugs.